About Us

The story of Topi Dalmata

After some bizarre laboratory experiments, one night in 2010 Topi Dalmata is created in Siena. With their spots of multifaceted ingenuity, the Topi smell the situation and set off in fourth gear to conquer the world…follow the Rat!

From a very young age perhaps, or from an older one, or from a lively adult, why not? Theater, music, literature, but also humanity, friendship, conviviality. At our laboratories to discover your creativity and expressiveness, or to see our productions that accompany the viewer to the discovery and rediscovery of the usable theater, and again to our home events, in the home theater, stripping the direct contact with the artists and nibbling on some eater prepared ad hoc or around the world to look for exotic species of Rats.

And again in the library, at the elderly centers, in traveling parties…a whirlwind of continuous poetic research together with all of you mice, artists, friends, partners, curious and simple passers-by.